NAR Support for House Floor Consideration of HR 2868, Association Health Plans Act

Issue Date: June 21, 2023

US HR 3799 - CHOICE Arrangement Act.

On June 21 NAR sent a letter to Speaker McCarthy, Majority Leader Scalise, Democratic Leader Jeffries, and Democratic Whip Clark. In the letter NAR urges passage of H.R. 3799, the CHOICE Arrangement Act. The bill includes the NAR-supported Association Health Plans Act, which would expand access to association health plans (AHPs) to more Americans, including the hard-working self-employed workers of the real estate industry. As health care costs continue to rise year after year, it is important there remains a broad availability of options for quality, comprehensive health insurance for all. We urge you to support this bill so that AHPs are available as an affordable option for individuals and small business owners across the country.